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The "New Patient Avalanche", led by Dr Ryan Rieder (DC), is the complete blueprint to captivate all the new clients you need and how to convert them, revolutionise your marketing strategies and campaigns and increase your clinic's income by 45% - 200% in the next year...GUARANTEED. All done with you in 6 WEEKS!
So what is the "New Patient Avalanche"?
Well, to put it simply, there is simply nothing in the Chiropractic industry that come remotely close to what yuo will learn on the 6 week "New Patient Avalanche" . The most advanced experience that YOU and your PRACTICE will ever go through. The 6 week course comprises of 3 key elements:
Element 1. Six Weekly Seminars! (Worth $3000)
The main part of this marketing program is a 6-part, in depth webinar program. Each of the 6, 90 minute webinars is packed with strategies to take your Chiropractic business to the next level...and the next!!   

On your 6 video calls, you will experience a variety of cutting-edge strategies to impact the number of patients you attract and the profits you generate. From attracting new patients, to creating advertising campaigns that work, having a powerful and effective online presence, using new and advanced marketing approaches such as 'click funnels' - and much more, this is your complete guide to marketing YOU and your PRACTICE.

Element 2. Constant Support From The Team (Worth $1000)
This course is not just about delivering powerful content and strategies to help you grow your practice. I also want to offer you personal, ongoing support, accountability and coaching.   

During our 6 weeks together, you’ll get direct access to me and my team to ask all the questions you need on our exclusive Facebook group, which can be accessed by all who rigester for the coures.   

If a question comes to your mind between the weekly webinars, post your ­question on the group and my team and I will personally answer it. This personalised support is an important part of the course (nobody else has this type of personal ­access to me.) Just as importantly, you get to interact and support everyone else on the course too and compare experiences.

Element 3. Personal Consulting Session ($700)
Not only will you get 6 weeks worth of group webinars with Dr Ryan and his team, you will also get a one-on-one session included too, something that would normally be valued at £495, but you will be getting this included in the New Patient Avalanche Program as a standard. You get to choose what we cover on the call.
Here are "real life" results from students of the New Patient Avalanche...
Here is what the "New Patient Avalanche" will help you master...
The "New Patient Avalanche" is all about client boosting strategies that are so effective that you will want to block out extra space in your schedule immediately after our webinars so that you can make these simple, but big changes to your clinic’s marketing.

Here's a sample of what you'll master during this course:
  • Templates for emails, posters, scripts, vouchers and other marketing campaigns
  • Key KPI’s you need to be measuring that most “experts” are not teaching! 
  • How to craft a “robust” marketing plan! 
  • How to attract new patients AT WILL! 
  •  How to create advertising that works!
  • Facebook strategies to attract new clients! 
  •  Facebook video strategies that got us over 1 million views!  
  •  Facebook “how to” guides! 
  •  How to get up to 40 people to come to your clinic for a talk! 
  •  How to close up to 80% of the room! 
  •  How to do an effective screening or better yet, how to set it up so that your team does it for you!
  •  How to set up a reactivation campaign that gets up to 70 clients back in for care! 
  •  How to get up to 60 new clients in a single talk!
  •  How to get up to 30 people to come see you with one email!
WOW...look at these results from past "New Patient Avalanche" students!
The Curriculum: Here's what you'll be learning in each of the six weekly webinars...
"The Essential Principles for Setting a Solid Marketing Foundation and immediate PROFIT BOOSTING strategies"
On the first live video seminar you will get a crash course in marketing that will leave with immediate actions to boost profits but more importantly set your practice up for LONG TERM predictable marketing success!
  • Understanding the key principles of marketing your practice! 
  • ​The three key ways to grow ANY practice! 
  • ​The SINGLE most important statistic that that you need to know 99% of practices have never measured! 
  • ​Why only “amateur” marketers have a marketing “budget”! 
  • ​The single biggest problem you face in marketing your chiropractic practice and how to solve it!  
  • ​The “key” mindset strategies you need to understand to be an effective marketer! 
  • ​The one tool that we implemented on a weekly basis that easily saved us a million pounds! 
  • ​The single most important WORD you can add to any of your marketing that will guarantee between 78% and 367% increase response rates! 
  • ​Understanding; WHO you want to work with, HOW to reach them and WHAT to say to get attract them into your office! 
"The EXACT marketing blueprint that’s built multiple million dollar practices and how to get your practice ready for the flood of the new patients"
On this video seminar you are going to learn about the key areas that we need to “tighten up” before we spend any money on marketing. Your going to get an inside view of some of the biggest lessons I have learnt from running 8 practices at once and working with many practices all over the world!
  • The complete outline of the marketing plan that helped us turnover 7.5 million dollars (8 practices)! 
  • ​The single biggest “sin” that practices commit when it comes to the phone!
  • ​How to get your systems and front desk ready for the new patient avalanche!  
  • ​The key things you need to be automating in your practice to give you more time and less stress and more profits! 
  • ​The “dummies” software guide to complete practice automation!  
  • ​The 2 misunderstandings about “follow up” calls that’s costing practices thousands a week! 
  • ​The biggest mistake practices make when they call a client! 
  • ​The tool that we implemented that decreased no shows by 70%! 
  • ​The simple trick that got CLIENTS CALLING US! 
  • ​The marketing assets that take 30min to prepare that you can use for the 10 years!  
  • ​How to make you cultural authority in your community so that you’re the first person they think of when they need help! 
  • ​The 3 areas where your “losing” up to 50% of your clients “before they even start”! 
"How to systemise and automate the lowest hanging fruit through, old school “on the grounds” marketing that can EASILY double a practice"
On this live video seminar your going to learn about the single most important marketing source that cost us the least amount of money to implement and helped us grow by 20-30% year on year for 5 years! Honestly I am still baffled to this day why more practices are not doing this!
  • How we automated a new patient machine that brings 50 to 150 clients in EVERY SINGLE WEEK without me doing ANYTHING. 
  • ​How to retire from doing the screenings yourself and still “GET THEM DONE” 
  • ​What software we use to run the “marketing team” 
  • ​How to hire, grow, train and pay a small team that will double your new clients! 
  • ​The exact blueprint and scripts we use to do this  
  • ​The simplest screening script of ALL TIME that will instantly double your conversion
  • ​The key tools and resource you will need. 
  • ​The 3 biggest mistakes practices are making on community events! 
  • ​The SINGLE most important question you can ask that will INSTANTLY DOUBLE the chances of them coming into the practice! 
"Essential Internet Marketing Strategies that ANY practice can implement without being a TECH WHIZ…."
On this live video seminar your going to learn how we structure and implement our facebook marketing campaigns and taught my students how to generate clients online for as little as 5 dollars a client!
  • The biggest mistakes people are making on their website! 
  • ​The FREE plugin that we added to our site that brings in an additional 150 new clients a year! 
  • ​The single thing that every effective website has! 
  • ​The exact facebook strategies we use to attract new clients! 
  • ​How we used Facebook strategies to increase our new clients by 30%! 
  • ​How we used facebook strategies to help us reactivate over 500 past clients in a 6 week period! 
  • ​Why getting “likes” is SOOOOO old school 
  • ​Where the future of facebook marketing is going! 
  • ​The 4 facebook magnets that will attract the exact client you want to work with! 
  • ​Video Facebook strategies that got us over 1 million views! 
  • ​The single easiest strategy you can give to your Ca’s to do that will massively increase your online presence   
  • ​Facebook Tech “how to” tutorial for tech dummies! 
  •  How to get 50 Google reviews in a month! 
"How to create a referral machine and reactivate hundreds of inactive clients!"
On this live video seminar your going to learn how we set up our marketing “calendar” that eliminates the stress of thinking what to do next and how to capitalise on the seasonal holidays campaigns!
  • Why and how to implement a “holiday” promotion that generates 50 internal referrals in a single clinic in a month  
  • ​How to set up a Reactivation Campaign that gets up to 70 clients in a clinic back in for care! 
  • ​The worlds SIMPLEST email that a complete beginner can do in 5 min that got us 30 clients from a single email! 
  • ​The 3 elements of a successful Holiday campaign 
  • ​Why most referral strategies fail! 
  • ​The single most important question you can ask a client that will get them ASKING YOU if they can send you someone! 
  • ​What we said in one text that got 50 CALLS to our office in one afternoon! 
  • ​Marketing material examples and “cheat sheets” 
"How to get as many as 60 new patients in a single talk and get 30 people who have never seen you before to show up to your clinic workshop"
On this live video seminar your going to learn what I truly believe is one of the single most effective ways to generate pre-qualified clients into your practice. Don’t worry even if you have never spoken in front of anyone in your life or quite frankly never want to , there is a way you can still leverage the single biggest spending demographic in your local community!
  • ​How to “GET INTO” business and get invited back regularly! 
  • ​How we got 60 new clients in a single day, WITHOUT EVEN DOING A TALK! 
  • ​How to pre-book 30 people in a business for an assessment before you have even walked in the door! 
  • ​How to get raving reviews and get invited back many times a year 
  • ​The number one thing YOU MUST NOT DO when going into a business! 
  • ​The single most important “pamphlet” you need with you when you do a “lunch and learn” corporate talk in a business! 
  • ​How to close up to 80% of the room! 
  • ​How to get employees in a business to book in for an appointment even if the business doesn’t want you to make an offer!  
  • ​How to get up to 40 people to come to your clinic for a talk from Facebook!  
AND if all that wasn't enough...WE HAVE BONUSES!
Bonuses are worth $3,833
**SECRET WEEK 7** Bonus Module To "Bring It All Together" 
- Bonus module on "Bringing It All Together"
 - Essentials to making this work LONG TERM 
 - Worth $500
A Full Two Months FREE ACCESS To My Inner Circle Membership
- This is a $833 monthly membership. 
 - You will get our monthly "Practice Growth Playbook" print newsletter delivered to your door for 2 months
 - Worth $833
Physical New Patient Avalanche Action Guide
  - Over 250 pages
- Delivered to your door  
- Easily worth $1000
A "Done For You" Facebook Advert
 - This is easily worth $1500 

- A Facebook Ad put together for you by my team

- Get results on Facebook before you even finish the program
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The "New Patient Avalanche" is 100% risk free for you to join.   

Here’s how the Personal Guarantee works. Take action today and join the “6 Week New Patient Avalanche” program… and if by the end of the process you don’t think that the course will get you the extra patients you’ll need to cover your investment…we'll gladly refund your money.   

All you need is just “3” new patients to cover your investment and in fact, with just 1 or 2 of these modules, you could get double your investment back and more!   

So, in reality, this course doesn’t “cost” anything. It’s essentially FREE…it’s an investment in your future, wealth and prosperity.   

You can only grow your clinic in this new health care economy by attending this Marketing Masterclass experience. Confirm your place today.
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